My Second book, The Demon Plagues, Going Live

Yes, the title is self-explanatory but there is so much more to it.

It’s been a wild ride for me these last few months. I am morphing from a muggle into an author – or something like that. Seriously, authorship is making magic. It’s like learning one is a wizard. But like ol’ HP, there’s a lot of work and learning to be done, and I’m still a Freshman.

The Eden Plague, my first book, had a few hundred free downloads and sales in the teens. I’m scheduling a free-book promo this weekend and a media blitz on the cheap, using Author Marketing Club which is a nice conflative site to start from. It gives you ten or fifteen places to go to announce your free promo. My friend and fellow author Ryan King had a lot of success with this recently, with his short story “The Burden” vaulting well into the top 100 and receiving thousands of downloads. He saw the sales of the story itself and his other stories jump right afterward from the tens of sales, into the hundreds. So I have high hopes for this strategy. I’ll blog afterward and tell everyone how it went. My hopes are that giving away The Eden Plague will induce people to purchase The Demon Plagues, Book 2.

I am working on book three right now, working title “The Final Plague.” I have about 10K words written and I am confident I will finish it quickly and painlessly; my story line is well-mapped in my mind, and for me, that’s a license to write!



3 comments on “My Second book, The Demon Plagues, Going Live

  1. Well, you know Dad taught us to be “cheap” um, sorry, frugal, so I downloaded the free versions I get with my amazon prime account and felt that Eden Plague was good enough to warrant spending money on Demon Plagues. Right now, I’d compare you to a Michael Crichton, strong on story and plot but light on emotional resonance with the characters, which means you’re still painting with a lot of broad strokes. Which is actually a great way to start. You know they say most writers don’t even come into their prime until their mid-70’s, so consider yourself a Sophomore now. I’d be interested to see what happens if the property ever gets picked up for television. Definite fleshing out potential. – Drew “Bro’s Before Ho’s!” VanDyche ;-D

    • Thanks, bro, now if you don’t mind, write me a kind but honest review on Amazon. The more reviews I have, the better it shows up in the search algorithms. Thanks for buying it but I can always send them to you for free. As you say, they are early work and I’m less worried about writing great art than about getting “good enough” up and getting known. I see a lot of other indie authors with a lot shakier work out there and they seem to be doing fine.

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