Water in the Desert

I can hardly believe it’s been barely five days since I did the promo (last weekend) and I have over 50 sales from it, aside from the free downloads. From the anectdotal information I have from other new authors, it appears the rough correlation is about 100 to 1: 100 free downloads generate something like 1 sale. Most of the sales were of Eden Plague (book 1) at $0.99. My theory is that some people who missed the freebie but still heard about the book through emails decided a look was worth 99 cents. But about 20% of the sales were of The Demon Plagues (Book 2) at $4.99. Because of the 70%/35% royalty break, a 99 cent book makes me 34 cents while a $4.99 book makes me something like 3.30, almost ten times as much. I also had 4 “borrows” which I believe will earn me something under 2 bucks each from the “KDP Select” program.

Note: The main tool I used to kick off my free promos was:


The Author Marketing Club brings together a lot of resources for marketing your book and most of it is free. Unlike some sites they don’t try to sell you a bazillion things for a lot of money. The site is a treasure.

More important than any money, which is negligible, is the encouragement and validation. It’s hard to keep banging away at a keyboard when there is no indication that anyone likes the book. You can’t trust your friends and family in this. Oh, I know, you should be able to, but there’s always that nagging feeling that they are just being nice. But total strangers should give you a good read on whether it’s actually any good.

I’m over 20K words on the last book. I hope to have it done by the end of August.

So this week has been like a cool sip of water in the desert – not fully satisfying but a tremendous boost. It makes me want more. I used to gamble and I will tell you, this is just like winning a bet but better, less transitory. It’s placing a bet on myself that can and I hope will pay off for a long time to come.

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