Leveling off

So I’ve been on a definite high since the promo and my sales started, but it didn’t help my writing. I started feeling pressure to get my next book out, and that actually caused a drop in production. I couldn’t get in that zone, kept getting distracted by the thoughts of sales, how I should market next, etc. Add that to some stress at work and then I started worrying about getting the next book done “on time.” But I had set my own deadline, and it was up to me to change it.

So after a certain amount of hemming and hawing with myself, and talking with my best friend, confidant and wife Beth (all those are the same person, although she says there are three of her in there), I just reset my own deadline. I told myself I didn’t need to do it fast, just well.

I immediately felt better and wrote more and better.

Combine that with getting some things off my plate at my day job and I am back on track. A bit over 27K done for “Reaper Plague” and I feel very comfortable now. Note to self- stop checking sales more than once a day. It’s just numbers.

On another, better note I got a nice 5-star review on Eden Plague from a new fan, Sharon. Hi Sharon! What surprises me – in a very good way – is that Sharon is well into middle age (I won’t give you the number she gave me out of respect for my elders) but when I was growing in the 70s up it was quite a surprise to see a woman writing science fiction or a girl reading it. In fact I had a huge crush on a girl named Valerie that I met in the sci-fi section of my local library. At 13 she was the first girl I’d ever talked to that was interested in “boy stuff.” I imagine it was even more so when Sharon was a child. And now she’s reading my books alongside the greats. What a pleasant shock to be here as an author, even though I have a long way to go. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Bless you ebooks, bless you Amazon for the Kindle.

 In any case since she was my first completely unrelated and unsolicited 5-star review, I sent her a copy of the second book, The Demon Plagues, for free. I hope she reviews that one as well, and I know she’ll be honest. Praise is like sugar, a little is nice but a lot makes you sick.

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