Shock and Awe…

…is one of the most overused of cliches but it gives a sense of how I am feeling right now.

Many times in life we don’t know why things happen – sometimes there is no specific reason, it’s just the way the universe is made that randomness abounds. Other times we can trace specific causes. I am wondering right now what the cause of my shock and awe is, because I’d sure like to replicate it.

What am I talking about? Well, yesterday I sold over 160 books. I’d never sold more than twenty before in a day, usually about 5-10. So where did this huge spike come from? I don’t know for sure. Here are some possible culprits, all of which arrived on 9 January 2013:

This is a bargain book post for Eden Plague on EReaderNewsToday, a popular site for free and bargain books.

This is an author interview I did that was put up on the same day.

I also started a round of ads on small blogs on the very same day. My wife continued twitter and facebook marketing and said the 9th was a very active day.

And my friend and author BV Larson said he had a book, Technomancer,

spike sales 300% or more that day, leading him to speculate that Amazon had perhaps done some advertising that included both books.

And ultimately there is the Lord and prayer. I don’t subscribe to a vending machine God concept, but I do believe He listens to us and, like a loving father, gives us good things that are in our best interests. I’ve worked hard these past nine months and I think the Lord rewards hard work as well. Writing has revitalized my life and my relationships with people, and has shown me the light at the end of the tunnel of that dead-end job feeling I’ve had since leaving the military. It has given my wife and me something to work toward together hand in hand, something every husband likes (or should). All those things are interwoven in the “why”.

So I can’t answer for sure; I’ll just have to keep on writing and plugging away and see whether today was a fun fluke, or a prelude to things to come.

5 comments on “Shock and Awe…

  1. I obtained Eden Plague 1 through the ereadernewstoday email advert and of course your such a good writer it led to me purchasing vol 2 and of course I need to get vol 3&4. A good writer looking to get noticed and sell his other books does well to dorp the price to .99 or free through ereadernews. Us hardcore Kindle users look forward each day to what shows up on that newletter. It helps us notice new writers and pick jems out of what is offered.

  2. Thanks Dan! I appreciate the kind words and I hope you enjoy the whole series. You should have two more to read by May at the latest I am hoping, book 5 that caps off the current series and a spin-off novella that may start a new series.

    Glad to know the postings work. I think they will send me click-through stats in a few days so I will be able to see how much was that and deduce how much was something else. Thanks for spreading the the word to your reading friends. – Dave

  3. Dave,

    This is awesome and made my day! Congratulations and well done, good quality books always find a readership and your books are terrific.

    Keep writing…

  4. Thanks. Still not sure exactly why it happened but hey, manna from heaven is always nice. Brian thinks we may have been featured in the Amazon “daily deal” but there’s no way to check past ones that I can find, and I didn’t think to check until the day had gone by.

  5. Well it’s for certain, the EReaderNewsToday bargain book listing is what gave me the big kick, because they keep track of how many people click thru – they showed 186 purchases through their site.

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