New Cover for Eden Plague

Just wanted to let everyone know I’ve changed the cover The Eden Plague, more in keeping with its action-combat nature and especially that of the rest of the series. The earlier cover was reasonably accurate but probably too suggestive of a romance book rather than a military sci-fi book. While there is a love interest in the book, it’s more in the nature of a necessary plot element than a central theme.

New Eden Plague Cover

Pretty soon my lovely wife and publicist will have the new cover up on all the sites – this blog, my web site, FB, twitter, etc., and the other will fade into history.

Also as usual, if any of you my followers would like a review copy, contact me through one of my sites – comment on this blog, e-mail me through or any other way – and I will send it to you.

Cheers and have a happy!


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