Reaper’s Run Approaches

I just finished the draft of Reaper’s Run, which expands the story of Marine Sergeant Jill Repeth’s escape across an increasingly darker and uglier America. The first few chapters are drawn directly from Eden Plague and Demon Plagues, but the rest of the book is completely original.

Chronologically it fits between books 1 and 2 of myPrint Plague Wars series, and fills in an important gap. One complaint some readers have had is the 10-year jump from book 1 to 2. I wrote them that way because I wanted to tell the later stories, but I found this one kept demanding my mental attention. It was mostly built in my mind before I ever started to write it, so it was not terribly difficult, and along with the action-packed tale itself, it also provides a lot of background and context for the rest of the series that will really enrich the readers’ understanding of and connection to the material.

I should have it published by the weekend of the 4th of July.

Here’s the cover: simple and clean, and evocative, I believe.

The next item on my list, currently in the middle of, is copy-editing Russell Blake’s new thriller “Upon A Pale Horse,” not to be confused with “On A Pale Horse” by Piers Anthony. Blake’s upcoming book is a high-powered, pulse-pounding suspense novel, less overtly violent than his Jet books but actually more intense because of it. The theme is conspiracy and biological experimentation, but I can’t tell you any more than that. I expect he’ll have it published within a month, but that’s just an educated guess.

Russell Blake’s website

After that I’m beta-reading and editing Nick Stephenson’s “Departed,” the follow-up to his first Leopold Blake thriller (no relation to Russell…after all, one is a fictional character). I haven;t gotten far into it but I can tell you I liked it even better than his excellent debut novel, so I have high hopes.

Nick Stephenson’s website

After that I will be editing Vaughn Heppner’s new book, for which I do not have a title, but he tells me it’s a mil-sci-fi novel in a new universe or timeline, rather than his other Star Soldier series.

Vaughn Heppner’s website

Interspersed with all this editing work I will be working on Comes The Destroyer, book 5 of Plague Wars. I have it half written, and hope (if everything goes right, go away Murphy) to have that out by the end of July. After that, I expect to get book 3 of Stellar Conquest out by the end of September. Yes, folks, the life of an indie author is never free of massive quantities of work. I love it.

One final thing: Donna Morang just published The Wild Side of Alaska. If you like true-life adventure stories, you’ll love this book, which is her own story starting from her childhood in Montana through her early adulthood in Alaska, hunting, fishing, gold mining, trying not to get killed by wild animals, wild weather and wild people. I edited it for her and I’m not just saying, it’s a really good story.

The Wild Side of Alaska on Amazon

Cheers and have a great week everyone.

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    • That’s nothing compared to a new baby I’d imagine. I’m fortunate in that my day job is not terribly demanding and once I walk out the door at the end of the day, I don’t have to take anything home with me, either literally or psychologically.

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