Reaper’s Run Crosses the Finish Line

PrintSo I just hit Publish on the latest installment in the Plague Wars series, called Reaper’s Run. It’s your favorite female ass-kicker Marine Sergeant Jill Repeth’s origins story, though it’s stripped down and action packed. There’s always more that could be written but too much back story does not a good front story make.

This one is good.

RR chronologically fits between books one and two, but I also designed it as an alternate introduction to the whole series. With discoverability the #1 problem for independent authors, I am gambling that a different path leading to it, as well as an addition to it, might introduce the series to some new fans.

The Last Man coverThe book also contains a bonus post-apocalyptic novella in keeping with the theme: The Last Man by Ryan King. It’s another experiment in discoverability, to see if we can help some folks find Ryan and his excellent suite of short stories, novellas and at least one novel as of this writing.

I’m still working on Comes the Destroyer, Plague Wars book five, which I am hoping to complete around the end of July. I’ve also begun editing a book by Vaughn Heppner that is turning out to be very interesting, and I suspect will do well when it gets published in a month or two. It’s a gritty alien-invasion story of one man’s struggle against overwhelming odds.

So whether you’re already a fan, or are new to the series, take a look at Reaper’s Run.

Cheers and keep reading,


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