A reader poll

A poll/question for readers, especially for fans of my books.

All right, here’s a real hypothetical, and your answers will influence my decision. I have the final book in my Plague Wars series two thirds finished. It’s shaking out into two distinct parts: what happens on Earth and what happens in space. The Earth portion precedes the space portion. So, it will nearly be two books in sequence, each 50-60K words (that’s about 250 trade paperback printed pages for those who are not familiar with word counts) – essentially two shortish novels or one long one.

As a reader, assuming the price were the same overall, would you rather see the first part published a month sooner at $2.99, then the second part a month later at $2.99, or would you rather wait for one book all together at $5.98? I would probably use the same cover and call them Comes the Destroyer: Part One and CTD: Part Two, with a short explanation to that effect.

I’d love to hear what everyone thinks.

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