A funny thing happened on the way to the end of the series

So as I was writing the final Plague Wars book – I thought – I began to realize several different things at once. One was that the books had shaken out into two very distinct parts, one on Earth during the next story year, covering the happenings on the planet, the struggles to reunify or at least resolve the major problems keeping the human defense effort from coming together for the anticipated arrival of the Meme Destroyer ship that they expect, about nine years out. I’m 90% done with this part.

The other part of the book, which I only have about 20% done, is the military and economic run-up to the climactic battle, and then of course the battle itself. This part of the book would cover about eight years of story time, skipping forward year by year for about half of this part and the final part being the detailed battle sequence.

Well the story kept lengthening and lengthening. Orion Plague was almost 100K words, and this was headed for something like 120. Nothing wrong with that per se but given the relatively distinct natural partition, I wondered if it would not be better to split it into two books.

This would do several good things.

One, it would allow me to dodge the “get it done” syndrome that afflicts most writers, and allow me to concentrate on the first book for a more complete and satisfying story.I would be able to concentrate more on that single story, and not worry about the next part, and vice versa, getting the first one off my mental plate for the second. I genuinely believe this will result in two better pieces of work.

I would also be able to fill in some gaps I would have otherwise left, fleshing out some holes that, while not critical, nevertheless beg to be filled. It’s easier to keep a smaller more concise story in my head than a sprawling one.

It would also give the fans something to read earlier rather than later. As an author and marketer, it has the advantage of creating more distinct works that will probably be better received individually. It will also keep the series visibility high a little longer as the two different parts have their own separate presence on the Hot Releases lists and their own category lists.

Comes The Destroyer 1The price will stay the same; two smaller works, still novels at around 60-70K words for $2.99, instead of one larger work at 120K for 5.98. This is not an attempt to stretch things out and squeeze more money out of anyone; rather, I really believe it will be win-win (or is that Nguyen-Nguyen?) for all involved.

Here’s a sneak preview of the cover of the final book:

So in conclusion, I expect to have the next book – haven’t decided on a final title, though it will have the word “Cyborg” in it because cyborgs figure so prominently in it – out around the end of the month, and then Comes The Destroyer, the final Plague Wars book, out less than a month after that. And then Tactics of Conquest, Stellar Conquest Book 3, about a month after that…it never ends, and I love it! Happy reading.

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