Cyborg Strike is Live

02Great news, Cyborg Strike has just gone live. It probably won’t even come up on a search yet, but here it is: It has already been put into the Smashwords queue and will be up on B&N soon, so you should see it there and on the sites they feed, such as ibooks, in a week or two.

This book focuses on Earth and pretty much wraps up the important Earthbound parts of Plague Wars. Comes the Destroyer is well on the way to first draft and will take place largely in space, and may close out the series. I am still toying with the idea of a “connector” book between CTD and First Conquest. I am also considering a novella or novelette as a Plague Wars Book 0. But the next book after this will be Tactics of Conquest, book 3 in the Stellar Conquest series.

Too many projects, not enough time.

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