New Release: Comes The Destroyer

Greetings, Plague Wars fans. Here’s the link to Comes The Destroyer,  the final book in the 7-book Plague Wars series: The Destroyer 1

It’s large, bigger than any of the other books by more than a quarter – almost 125,000 words, which is more than 500 print pages in a standard trade paperback.

Launching into the realm of science fiction, it recounts the battle to save Earth from an alien empire that previously had tried to subvert and destroy humanity via its plagues and biological advantages. This book caps the mostly Earthbound thrillers with a full-blown space battle without losing the feet-on-the-ground, realistic characters and plots that are a hallmark of Plague Wars. In it you’ll follow several of your favorite characters in their struggle against internal and external threats, where sometimes their own worst enemies are themselves. Comes The Destroyer delivers all of the pulse-pounding action and sacrifice you have come to expect, with touches of suspense, humor, drama and romance along the way, and I hope will tie up most of the loose ends and set the reader up for the next book: First Conquest, book 1 of the Stellar Conquest trilogy. First Conquest takes the reader a century into the Plague Wars future, where you will find several familiar characters such as Jilll Repeth, Spooky Nguyen, Vango Markis, Rick Johnstone and Admiral Absen. That book is contained within the Planetary Assault anthology, and book 2, Desolator, is already available. I am working on book 3, Tactics of Conquest, right now, and expect to have it done before Christmas.

Cheers and happy reading!


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