Past, Present and Future

…which by the way is the name of a great Al Stewart album , but has little to do with this post other than he’s a favorite of mine.

THE PAST: Plague Wars is done, finished, ended I think, with the release of Comes The Destroyer (see the immediately preceding post). I suppose it’s possible I may write another one, some kind of spinoff like John Ringo did with his never-ending Aldenata series, but seven books is a pretty good run. And, for those of you in the Tactics - Hight Resolutionknow, the Stellar Conquest series, of which I have two books published and a third in the works, is a direct continuation of Plague Wars, using the same universe, so in that sense it’s not over.

That segues nicely into THE PRESENT and FUTURE. My plate got very full lately, what with editing TI Wade’s America One series of books and some others, and working on three books of my own right now. One is the aforementioned third in the Stellar Conquest series, called Tactics of Conquest. Here’s the tentative cover:

Then, I am working on co-authoring a New Adult supernatural book with my brother Drew, tentatively titled Switchback: A Supernatural Siblings Novel. It’s a cool story and he has a great voice, and it will be aimed squarely at that market, with a strong female protagonist and a werewolf and ghost theme. It will be quite different from anything I have done before, and I hope it will be the start of an entertaining series.

the hard way-final-2 FOR WEBSemi-lastly, I am working on a new mystery/thriller series with Micheal Maxwell featuring California “Cal” Corwin, an ex-cop and PI who works cases out of San Francisco, a girl with moxie, sass and pizazz. These books are set in the same universe as Micheal Maxwells’s Cole Sage mysteries, and you will see her appear in the Cole Sage books and Cole appear in the Cal Corwin books from time to time. We will be collaborating and co-branding these in the future. I hope to get the first full novel, In A Bind, into print by Christmas

Lastly, relating to the above, the first California Corwin mystery-thriller story is a novelette (about 15K words) titled Loose Ends, and will be published in December within a forthcoming anthology of thriller stories titled Eight the Hard Way, that Nick Stephenson of Leopold Blake fame is coordinating and publishing. Here’s the cover.  Great job with it, Nick!

Most of these I hope to get out by New Year’s, which will be a heck of a lot of work but I’m hoping the holidays give me extra time and impetus.

Cheers and happy reading!

3 comments on “Past, Present and Future

  1. your books are getting better and better. Loved the last two books of stellar conquest series. When are you releasing the next one, Tactics of conquest ?

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