Eight the Hard Way

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve released a new novelette called “Loose Ends” introducing my mystery-thriller heroine California “Cal” Corwin, a tough San Francisco P.I and former cop who likes racing, poker, and unconventional justice. Her first story is contained within this multi-story, multi-author release:the hard way-final-2 FOR WEB

I am halfway done with Cal Corwin’s first full novel, titled “In a Bind,” that I hope to bring out before the end of the year. I’m having a lot of fun writing straight mystery thrillers, nothing paranormal or science-fictiony about them at all. Just murders and mysteries and guns and tough gurls, set in San Francisco and of course here and there in the rest of California.

GuyGirlCover SwitchBack v2The New Adult Paranormal Romance novel my brother and I have co-written is also almost ready, in beta right now, so as soon as it comes back from the readers and the proofreader, that should also be up before the new year, I hope. Here is a draft of the cover.

I am really excited to be working with Drew on this. It will be his first book and it’s fun to see him making the writer’s journey like I did a couple years ago, and having something to cooperate with him on.

And, I am still working on Tactics of Conquest, Stellar Conquest book 3, the latest in my military sci-fi epic, which should be out in January for all my sci-fi fans.

Eight The Hard Way on Amazon.com

3 comments on “Eight the Hard Way

    • The novelette “Loose Ends” is in the anthology “Eight the Hard Way.” When I bring out the follow-up novel “In A Bind,” that will be available on all vendors under my name. I hope to have that out in a month or two.

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