The Long Dry Spell is Over



Howdy everyone! Check this out:Outcast Mockup 5 (2)

Outcast  is a milestone for me, Book 10 of BV Larson’s Star Force series, co-written by none other than yours truly, ME! It was a total blast to work on and write within Larson’s Star Force universe, which is HUGE HUGE HUGE. A big thank you to Mr. Larson for giving me the opportunity, and I really do believe we’ve put out a superior product. It’ the longest Star Force book yet, too, so you get super value for your reading dollar.

Book 10 is not only a follow-on to Book 9, The Dead Sun (duh – what else would a book 10 be) but it also launches a new tale of Kyle Riggs’ son, Cody! He’s a chip off the old block, but you get to start by seeing a bit of his childhood, then the action picks up just after he graduates from Star Force Academy. With such a storied history and a legendary ass-kicking father, you know Cody is going to get into trouble sooner or later. They say both cream and scum rise to the top, but you’ll have to read the book to find out which one he is.

Along the way he’s joined by some of Kyle Riggs’ best friends – er, acquaintances, maybe – and there’s plenty of stuff blowing up, warship and space marine action, a little romance, new aliens, stuff blowing up, factories and fleets, stuff blowing up, even cooler aliens, crazy robots and underhanded dealings, Nanites and Microbes and Ancients, OH MY! And did I mention stuff blowing up? It’s the finest modern space opera out there. Okay, well, there’s Star Wars (TM) that’s pretty good, but really, Star Force is awesome.

If by chance you have NOT read the Star Force series, Outcast is not only book 10, but is book 1 of the spinoff Star Force Universe, so you can start here if you want to. Or, you can go all the way back to Book 1,  Swarm, and start there. Or read Outcast first, and when you realize you LOVE this universe and these stories, you’ll be so addicted you’ll have no choice but to go back and read book 1,  Swarm, thus occupying your time before book 11 (book 2 of Star Force Universe) comes out in a few months.

Which you’ll hardly be able to wait for.


And just when you thought the news wasn’t going to get much better, here’s the cover of Book 4 of Stellar Conquest, titled Conquest of Earth.Conquest - High Resolution


Conquest of Earth will be coming out mid-May, and will introduce an entirely new race of enemy aliens. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in space, and just when Admiral Absen and the crew of Conquest thought they had it all sewn up, everything changes, and changes again. This books has a lot more Marine action than Tactics of Conquest, and as usual lots of your favorite characters and their story lines, as well as stuff blowing up, warship and Marine action, a little romance and new aliens. Oh, did I say that all above? Well, it’s all in the same genre, after all. It’s what you love, so I’ll do my best to keep giving it to you.

I’ll put up another blog post to notify you when Conquest of Earth is published. Then I’ll drop off the face of the world for a little while – no, wait, I’ll have the internet so I’ll be around – but we’ll be moving from Virginia to Arizona. The next project is the aforementioned book 11 of Star Force, tentatively titled Exile, to follow up Outcast. After that, who knows! Probably the next Stellar Conquest book, though I have also been working on a couple of mysteries (see earlier blog). Ah, the life of an author is never slow, believe me. Not if it’s done right.

As always, post a comment or drop me an email, or post in my Amazon forum if you want to chat about Outcast or future books. Cheers and happy reading.

Dave VanDyke


17 comments on “The Long Dry Spell is Over

  1. Excellent series, from both authors. Very excited to purchase and read this next book. Personally I prefer a fast sequel out vs a bigger book, so I can at least still remember the storyline. Best of luck with the move and continuation of some excellent sci fi writing!

    • Thanks for the kind words. We’re writing as fast as we can and still give you a good product. This one happened to go long because we both kept adding stuff to it like kids building a treehouse…hopefully we didn’t overdo it.

  2. Is there a way to digitally buy this book from Indonesia? last time I check, Amazon (kindle) does not sell ebooks to Indonesia yet (why that is so, I have no idea). And buying real books is prohibitive due to shipping.

  3. Thanks for the research. The problem is, I am not a US citizen, and have no US presence. Several years ago I did stay in the US for a few years, but am now permanently in Indonesia. I do not own a Kindle device (Amazon will not sell it to me), and I cannot even download the Kindle for PC, The Amazon website says this: “Kindle for PC is not currently available in Indonesia.” I suppose I can use tor or other ways to fool Amazon to think I am from the US, but I would rather not.

    I was hoping that you have the book on other ebook distributors. I know for one that I can buy ebooks easily from Google Play Books. Is there a reason why your book is not on Google Play Books? Is there some kind of exclusivity deal with Kindle?

    I really don’t know why, in this era of global internet, companies (Amazon) still restrict “ebook” sales to geographic locations. I would understand if it were a paper book, but a digital goods like an ebook? Beyond me.

    But thanks anyway for your time. I enjoy very much the Star Force saga, the ones I have been able to read anyway. Here’s hoping they will be more widely available in the future!

  4. I’ve passed your question on to BV Larson, who in his former life is a computer guy. Maybe an iPad with iBooks would work? I’m pretty sure the books are all on iBooks and I know they are on Smashwords.

  5. BV Larson said he doesn’t have any workarounds but suggests one of the other sites like iBooks, Smashwords or Kobo where our books are available. I’m pretty sure Kobo readers and iPads are available in Indonesia, right?

  6. Again thank you for taking time to address this issue. An iPad is out of the question for me :), but I found that I can install Kobo on android. Will give this a try! I’ll let you know how it goes later.

  7. I can buy the ebook through Kobo no problem! Really enjoyed it, a new story in the Star Force universe with new enemies. Can’t wait for the next book.

  8. A few years late I know but I just finished book 9 and was exited to see the collaboration on book 10. I have noticed that there is no cheap audible version to read with the purchase of the kindle book! I have to stop at book 9 then, I can’t pay over £20 for the stand alone audible version, I will be bankrupt in a few months 😀 and my commute does not allow for just reading.
    Gutted 😥

    • Hi Christo,

      I looked at Star Force book 10 Outcast and you are right–there is no whispersync version! I do not know why that is. BV Larson actually publishes the books, so I will ask him.

      Do you have an Audible account? I believe you can get the book for 1 Audible Credit, which costs something like $15 USD–cheaper than 20GBP anyway.

      But, I will see if Larson can fix that.

  9. Thanks for the reply, would be awesome if a whispersync version was made available. I might try out the audible subscription again if all else fails.

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