Conquest of Earth and Other Stories


Conquest of Earth is out now, a bit late but better than never, as they say.

Outcast is doing great with a new, more traditional (for Star Force) cover, rising into the #300s on Amazon overall and sticking at #1 in several categories for the last month. Over two thirds of its reviews are of 5 stars, a very good reception for the 10th book in the series. BV Larson and I put a lot of work into it and it shows. It’s also a second entry point into the series if you don’t want to read Swarm to start.

The next project will be another Star Force Book with BV Larson tentatively titled Exile, continuing the adventures of Cody Riggs, Marvin, Kwon and the rest as they try to find their way back to Earth, battling aliens and, perhaps, each other along the way.

For you mystery-thriller readers, check out Nick Stephenson’s Leopold Blake series. Not only are Nicks’s books fun reads, but he’s become a friend of mine as we both are making the journey along the indie author path. He’s a hard worker and is well on his way to making a living.

For those interested, I’ve gone full-time with my writing and quit my job as a government contractor. We’ve moved out of the DC area and are currently on the road visiting friends and family. We are also looking at property out west, trying to figure out where we will settle. We’re truly blessed to be able to do this.

Cheers and happy reading!


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