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I recently published two Cal Corwin private investigator mysteries set in 2005 San Francisco, under the pen name D. D. VanDyke.

Book 1, Loose Ends, is FREE today on Amazon!

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Get your free copy now:

LOOSE ENDS on Amazon

Loose Ends is also available as an audiobook, wonderfully narrated by Francesca Townes and produced by the fine folks at L.A. Voiceover. They’re currently working on book 2, In A Bind.

Both Cal Corwin books will be available in print soon.

In a Bind

California Corwin P.I. Mysteries book 2 – In A Bind

There’s also a FREE Cal Corwin short in the Eight the Hard Way anthology.

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And, after holding off for some time, I’ve finally joined KBoards, so you can see me posting there most days.

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New year, new books and a new world?

ConquestAndEmpire72It’s been quite a while since I blogged, and I’m going to try to do better, publishing short, targeted posts, so let’s start with the obvious: new releases. First, there’s Conquest and Empire, Stellar Conquest #5. This is the final Stellar Conquest book in the series. While this may disappoint some, I have an idea for an exciting new space sci-fi series and want to put my full energy into making it awesome.  (More on that later).

There is one more small piece of Stellar Conquest coming, though: I’m writing a 7500-word (about 30 Kindle pages) Stellar Conquest short for an anthology that should be coming out this summer, which will feature Bull and Reaper on a mission. It will be set before First Conquest, Book 1, but after Comes the Destroyer, the last book in Plague Wars. This will be published by Castalia House, and will be a follow-up to their recent On A Red Horse anthology.

Speaking of Plague Wars, there’s also another full book for that series coming out in March, titled exodus-finalEden’s Exodus. It’s drafted and in beta right now. Here’s the cover: The action takes place after Skull’s Shadows and before Demon Plagues, with the major storylines involving Spooky, Skull and Reaper, with some Cassandra Johnstone and Daniel Markis for good measure. Thanks for visiting. I’ll be making a special announcement here in the next few days, so stay tuned.

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Starting From Zero

For all you authors, pay attention to Gaughran. Read all his blog posts for a roadmap to success. You have to walk the road yourself, but at least you will know you’re on the right path.

The Utah Mountains, Skull’s Shadows and Star Force #11: Exile

P1110414This year has seen lots of changes for me and my lovely wife/editor/formatter/publicist/all-around go-to girl Beth. As the books have done well enough (thanks to all of you, dear readers) I quit my job in the DC area and we moved out to the mountains of Utah to be near family, and we love the scenery, the fresh air (minus the skunks) and the slower pace of life. Fewer than twenty cars drive by our house on an average day, I’d say. It’s great for the writing and for our stress level. Our first grandchild saw the light of day less than a month ago, which is quite the life transition as well. He’s doing well, as are his mom and dad.

At the same time I’ve completed several projects, or nearly so. The Eden Plague had finally been published in audiobook format, narrated by Roger Wayne, who’s an up-and-coming television and movie actor. He did a great job. Unfortunately he is too busy with his other work to be able to meet my narration timelines, so I found another great actor/narrator, Artie Sievers, who will be able to bring the rest of the Plague Wars/Stellar Conquest series to life at the rate of about 1 audiobook per month. Reaper’s Run is already available, and Demon Plagues is under review for publication and so should be available within about two weeks.

Skulls ShadowsAvailable now for pre-order in ebook format, Skull’s Shadows will be the next audiobook he does for me, probably available around October 1st. SS is a new Plague Wars book that follows Skull right after the events of The Eden Plague in the same way Reaper’s Run followed Jill Repeth. It’s co-authored with Ryan King, and is a bit darker and edgier than other Plague Wars books, meant for mature audiences for its violence and language. I hope Ryan and I will be working on more Plague Wars books to fit into the “Lost Decade” between Infection Day and the opening of Demon Plagues. It’s highly speculative, but I hope we can do a book centering on Spooky Nguyen, and then perhaps another combining all three – Jill, Spooky and Skull – and more for a larger post-apocalyptic story of the Free Communities Armed Forces to fight the authoritarian regimes extending across the globe.

I also plan on publishing at least one more Stellar Conquest book, tentatively titled Conquest and Empire, as the alliance of Human, Ryss, Sekoi and Meme turn the tables on the xenocidal Sourge. Using the captured faster-than-light technology, Task Force Conquest and many of the characters you’ve come to know and love will go on the offensive once more.

BV Larson and I are also putting the finishing touches on Exile, Star Force Book 11. It should be out in mid to late September if all goes well, and it continues the story of Cody Riggs, son of the great Star Force Marine Kyle Riggs as he leads the crew of the lost battlecruiser Valiant in their quest to get home. I won’t give away too much, but I will tell you this story will answer some of the fans’ many questions about the various aliens encountered in Book 10, Outcast, as well as revealing a great deal about the Ancients, who are presumed to have built the ring network. All of your old favorites are there – Cody, Kwon, Hoon and of course Marvin – as well as the supporting cast and some new characters. We expect it will be another fantastic chapter in one of the greatest space opera/mil-sci-fi series in all of modern science fiction.

Cheers and happy reading to everyone,


Conquest of Earth and Other Stories


Conquest of Earth is out now, a bit late but better than never, as they say.


Outcast is doing great with a new, more traditional (for Star Force) cover, rising into the #300s on Amazon overall and sticking at #1 in several categories for the last month. Over two thirds of its reviews are of 5 stars, a very good reception for the 10th book in the series. BV Larson and I put a lot of work into it and it shows. It’s also a second entry point into the series if you don’t want to read Swarm to start.



The next project will be another Star Force Book with BV Larson tentatively titled Exile, continuing the adventures of Cody Riggs, Marvin, Kwon and the rest as they try to find their way back to Earth, battling aliens and, perhaps, each other along the way.

For you mystery-thriller readers, check out Nick Stephenson’s Leopold Blake series. Not only are Nicks’s books fun reads, but he’s become a friend of mine as we both are making the journey along the indie author path. He’s a hard worker and is well on his way to making a living.

For those interested, I’ve gone full-time with my writing and quit my job as a government contractor. We’ve moved out of the DC area and are currently on the road visiting friends and family. We are also looking at property out west, trying to figure out where we will settle. We’re truly blessed to be able to do this.

Cheers and happy reading!